Aktuelles aus Prishtinë (Pristina), Mitrovica, Prizren, Prizeren, Pejë, Pec - Historisches zu Kosova und UCK

in front of European students The President of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION!, Albin Kurti, gave a lecture to students who are staying in Prishtina for a seminar and who come from EMA University in Venice and Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights. During his presentation, Kurti spoke about the history of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! and

the political and socio-economic situation in Kosova as well as in the region.

Kurti said, “We think that the state should play a role in economy, not to control and centralize it, but to be an actor and factor because there is no rule of law without a state of justice, and there is no social progress without an economy of local production. The Republic and social democracy form the combination which ensures the way out of the crisis and moves us forward”.

By explaining the Governmental Alternative, Kurti said that the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! is particularly engaged with the poor and the middle class, because they are the ones mostly in need for institutions wich protect them and for politics that represent them. Furthermore, Kurti spoke about the strategy of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! that has turned protesting on the streets into a democratic institution, while bringing democratic protesting inside the official institutions themselves.

After the presentation, the students posed many questions regarding Kurti’s time in prison and the trials against him, once by Serbia and after that by UNMIK and EULEX. Moreover they asked about geopolitics in the Balkans, the role of the EU and NATO in Kosova, the ways of organization and the engagement of citizens, as well as on the cooperation of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! with left European parties.

January 14, 2015


(The Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION!)


14 January 2015 -