Aktuelles aus Prishtinë (Pristina), Mitrovica, Prizren, Prizeren, Pejë, Pec - Historisches zu Kosova und UCK

Morgen gibt es in Prishtina, Kosovo, eine große Demonstration gegen das Abkommen zwischen der Regierung in Prishtina und der serbischen Regierung in Brüssel. Das Abkommen liquidiert den Namen  <Republik Kosova>. Kosova darf sich nur noch als Gebiet mit Fußnote betrachten. Das Abkommen wurde von der EU und den USA eingefordert. Der Protest am morgigen Montag vor dem Regierungsitz richtet sich 

gegen diesen antidemokratischen Akt. Der Protest hat keinerlei nationalistischen Inhalt, sondern er wiederspiegelt die Notwehr einer nach wie vor unterdrückten Nation. Für die Rechte Kosovas setzt sich nicht die privilegierte Kaste Kosovas ein, sondern das einfache Volk. Anbei in Englisch die Stellungnahme von Albin Kurti und Visar Yimeri in englischer Sprache. Dokumentation Press statement by Albin Kurti, leader of Lëvizja VETEVENDOSJE! and Visar Ymeri, chief of VETEVENDOSJE! parliamentary group, regarding today's agreement reached in Brussels dialogue with Serbia to remove the 'Republic' from Kosova's name and add to it a footnote. Regards -- Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! Secretariat for Media and Communication Speech by Visar Ymeri in today’s Press Conference Since yesterday, we have begun collecting individual signatures from deputies for an extraordinary parliamentary session to oppose the agreement removing the political term Republic from our name and adding a footnote with Resolution 1244. The position of Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, without a prior discussion with the Government, and without Parliaments discussion or approval, has directly become an agreement with Serbia. Adding a footnote to Kosova and removing the political term Republic from our state’s name is a setback to our internal and external political progress. Kosova’s independence and sovereignty are inalienable and non-negotiable and no one has the right to take a decision to infringe, undermine or remove them. The Republic is being removed and a footnote added through an agreement with Serbia. This cannot be a temporary solution as its change in the future will again be subject to a new agreement with Serbia. If we accept this now, the state will remain permanently without Republic and with a footnote. The footnote seriously threatens our foreign policy and especially new recognitions from states which have not recognized us. Returning Resolution 1244 means an undefined status for Kosova. Others may see us like this. But we should never recognize ourselves as undefined. Political subjects and individual deputies, and most importantly Kosova’s citizens, are currently opposing the removal of the Republic and adding of a footnote which degrades the dignity and political being of our state. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent that the Parliament of the Republic of Kosova issues a declaration on this issue. Kosova’s citizens are outraged by this latest position of Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, and the possibility of achieving such an agreement with Serbia. Last Monday (February 20th 2012), we sought meetings with the two other opposition parties to coordinate steps opposing this agreement. We will wait, and expect, that today we will gather the necessary signatures for an emergency session, for which 40 are necessary. Until now, we have not managed to achieve sufficient signatures. If we do not manage to get enough deputies signing the request for the extraordinary session, tomorrow we will start to gather signatures from the citizens of Kosova to demand a session for this issue. For this, 10 thousand signatures are needed. 24 February 2012 Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! Albin Kurti’s statement at Press Conference February 24, 2012 They removed the Republic from Kosovo and added a footnote. Today, in Brussels, representatives of the Prime Minister of Kosova, agreed with Serbia also about the footnote’s content. The footnote has two elements: First, Resolution 1244 and, second, the ICJ Advisory Opinion. Neither independence nor the Declaration of Independence is an element in the footnote. It is there only to inform what the ICJ Advisory Opinion is about. This agreement has to do not just with representation but also with regional cooperation. It is privatizing the Republic of Kosova. We can display it to ourselves, but not to others. We are a Republic-for-ourselves-only. And this is exactly contrary to the concept of a Republic. The personal position of the current Prime Minister, without discussion in the Government and without a Parliamentary decision, has transformed into an agreement with Serbia. This is a personal agreement of the Prime Minister which does not oblige the state’s institutions or our people and society. If it wants, let Serbia have a footnote, but not us. By this agreement, four years after the declaration of independence, again Kosova’s status is being made undefined, and again for this ambiguous Kosova two parties are being legitimated: Kosova and Serbia. The Brussels Dialogue of 2011/2012 is returning us to the Vienna negotiations of 2006/2007. It is even worse than that because now the word ’Republic’ has been removed from our name. Status is being undefined in the sense that it not clear what it will be, but we know that it will not be a Republic since that has been removed in advance. The results of dialogue in Brussels are the achievement of Serbia’s demands. Serbia is not reaching its goal despite the Prime Minister of Kosova, but through the Prime Minister of Kosova. Because he considers his power more important than the state of Kosova. Therefore, on Monday February 27, starting at 12:00 in Mother Theresa Square and in front of the Kosova Government, we will hold a peaceful demonstration. This first demonstration will last four hours. It will suspend for four hours the work of this Government which is suspending our state and independence.